The Zodiac Guide to CBD Haircare

CBD: Good for the soul and your... hair? With the rise of CBD in the skincare industry, the new “it” ingredient has now found its way into haircare. Yes, haircare. But don’t get it twisted. While this wonderful ingredient is known for being paired with THC and can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul, what exactly can it do for your hair? 

We have you covered on all things CBD — hair care that is. Say hello to our new 98% pure hemp CBD haircare collection! The products in this collection help hydrate, protect, and soften your skin and hair. Our proprietary complex of AlgaePlex, pure CBD, Marula Oil, and Vegan Keratin gives your hair and scalp a connection back to their core selves, resulting in wellness and balance inside and out!
To connect back to our inner beings, it’s important to understand how the stars affect us. Here is the ultimate guide to CBD hair care for your zodiac sign!



It’s no secret that the trail-blazing fire sign thinks everything is a game they can win. They have no filter, are easily bored, and will do anything on a dare. An Aries needs a hair product that’s quick and effective so they can get back to fighting for what they believe in. Look no further my Aries friends, because, with our CBD Medium Hold Styling Gel, you’ll never have to worry about your hair being out of place when you’re ready for your next feat. Infused with 98% Pure Hemp CBD, this lightweight gel gives you a powerful and flexible hold for all-day style and strength.



A Taurus is an oasis of calm and a rock of dependability. Once they get into a routine, it’s hard for them to break it. They enjoy predictability and just want to stay home and cuddle. They enjoy high-quality products they can rely on to provide them with stability. A long-lasting durable product is exactly what a Taurus needs for its patient and reliable nature. Look no further, because our CBD Care Bundle will give your hair the ultimate hydration and nourishment while protecting it from harmful natural aggressors that could disrupt a Taurus’s calm nature. It’s the moisture-replenishing duo you never knew you needed, but will be the new holy grail products you’ll use again and again.



Ah, the Gemini. Arguably a favorite of the zodiac signs. The Gemini is talkative, giving to others, funny, and quick to adapt to the energy of a room. This air sign needs a hair product that’s easy to share with friends and family no matter where. Our CBD Texturizing Pomade is the perfect product for a Gemini to bring with them anywhere they go. It’s great for dual usage on wet or dry hair and is exceptional for men’s grooming so you can literally share with everyone! It’s a product as inclusive as a Gemini! This pomade is really that good — trust us, you don’t want to pull one over on a Gemini. If someone’s bluffing, they’ll be the first to notice.



The Cancer is the most complex emotionally of all the zodiacs. They’re deeply caring and have many layers of moods and emotions. While they have a wide range of moods (and we mean very wide), they always have a deep core self that persists. What better products for a Cancer than our CBD Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. At the core of every hair care routine is always a trusted shampoo and conditioner. They are the two staple products that everyone needs, and for a Cancer, having a stable product is just what they need after a long day of ups and downs. The CBD Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner nourishes and protects against UV rays and free radicals — perfect for all hair types. No matter your mood, these products will keep your hair hydrated and protected! 



Leo is the queen of self-love. They love to pamper themselves to feel their best. Whether it’s a 20-step skincare routine or a trip to the nail salon, this lovely lion takes care of itself. What better way to treat yourself than with our CBD Full Regimen Bundle. This bundle includes the shampoo and conditioner, the intense hydrating mask, and the leave-in conditioning spray. Your hair will be so hydrated and restored, everyone will think you just took a trip to a spa. The full CBD bundle improves your hair’s strength & shine — perfect for Leos who love to stand out, be bold, and be the ultimate showman. 



This earth sign needs a hair product to help them achieve the ultimate level of perfection. Virgos are so tense because of their careful and practical planning, and they deserve a product that will help them obtain the hair game they desire. Our CBD Styling Bundle will help these perfectionists look perfect. This bundle includes the leave-in conditioning spray, the hydrating mask, and the texturizing pomade to lock your hair in place all day.  With this hydrating and styling bundle, your hair will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about throughout your day.



Balance and harmony are important to this sun sign. This fair-minded zodiac needs a boost when it comes to making decisions. Libra’s need a hair product that will provide energy and endurance so they can make decisions with confidence. With an entire constellation of personalities, the Libra is different depending on who they’re around. They value empathy and can be other people’s mirrors. Our CBD Leave-In Conditioning Spray will give your hair the boost you need by improving strength and manageability, so you can radiate confidence with your shiny hair. Use it as a refresher if you need an extra boost throughout the day!



The Scorpio is passionate and resourceful and will never hide how they feel (seriously — never). They have no problem when it comes to standing up for what they believe in, and need a product that has their back too. The CBD Texturizing Pomade will provide Scorpios with enhanced texture, definition, and control that will last all day and night. Scorpios are true friends and confidants, and this strong and determined water sign deserves a product that will do the same for them. 



It’s no secret that Sagittariuses have a travel bug. They’re the explorers of the zodiac and enjoy always being on the go. They never hide from change and are obsessed with self-improvement. Our CBD Repair Bundle is the perfect duo to give Sagittariuses the balance and wellness they need while on the move. These moisture replenishing products will improve the strength and shine of hair through keratin proteins and sea botanicals. This bundle will give you a harmonious and healthy balance that’s much needed after long days of travel! 



This earth sign has no time for games. They need a product without all the bells and whistles that get the job done. Look no further, Capricorns: our CBD Leave-In Conditioning Spray has you covered. For a dedicated and responsible person who has practically been a full-grown adult since age six, a Capricorn needs a product that does its job and does it well. The Leave-In Conditioning Spray doesn’t mess around when it comes to smoothing and taming dry, damaged hair sites and is infused with keratin proteins and sea botanicals to hydrate, nourish, and protect. 



Aquariuses enjoy the freedom of not conforming. Their energy can range from quiet to energetic depending on where they are and who they’re with. They need a range of products to choose from to please their desired hair goals at any given moment. Our CBD Everyday Wellness Bundle is the perfect option for an Aquarius. The bundle includes our CBD hydrating shampoo and conditioner, as well as the CBD leave-in conditioning spray. Since they love the most unpopular opinion, this bundle gives them the option to wash their hair with shampoo when someone tells them they shouldn’t wash their hair every day, and then to hydrate it with the spray when someone tells them it’s time to wash.   



While Pisces are some of the best friends to have due to their intuitive and caring nature, they also love their alone time. Rest is important to this water sign, and relaxing at the end of a long day of excessive romanticizing and daydreaming is important. Our CBD Intense Hydrating Mask will help any fantasy-obsessed Pisces chill out. The intense deep-moisturizing treatment restores vital moisture, elasticity, and shine so you can start a day of restless wishing all over again tomorrow.


Is CBD Hair Care For You?

Whether you relate to your zodiac or not, there’s something on this list for everyone — no matter your hair goals. Unlike most hair care, all of our CBD collection products have character, so what better way to pair them than with an astrological sign? This zodiac guide also doubles as a great list for gift-giving! Give a friend (or yourself) a product from our new CBD collection that matches their zodiac sign and wins anyone over.