Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp


Stop counting down the days until your next good hair day. Good hair everyday, begins today.

Say goodbye to flaky, itchy, dry hair. Our New CBD collection strengthens and hydrates without stripping your hair of its natural oils. With 98% Pure CBD, Marula Oil, Vegan Keratin and more, we guarantee the perfect balance of healthy scalp, shiny locks, and envious style.

The calming, spa infused fragrance promotes an overall sense of happiness, both in your mind and in your hair. Enter, wellness blend! Find your balance by shopping our hand-picked bundles and... congratulations! You're one wash away from healthy, beautiful hair.

Shop Aquage CBD Bundles by Concern

CBD Full Regimen Bundle
Re-construct moisture balance and improve strength and shine with the Full Regimen Bundle! Begin with the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner to nourish and protect your strands from UV rays and free radicals and improve your strand manageability. Follow with the Intense Hydrating Mask to restore healthy, vital moisture. Lastly, infuse your hair with keratin proteins and sea botanicals with the Leave-In Conditioning Spray.
CBD Styling Bundle
Indulge in the complete CBD Styling Bundle to repair, hydrate and style. The Leave-In Conditioning Spray detangles and strengthens while improving manageability and shine, while the Intense Hydrating Mask re-constructs moisture. Discover sophisticated style when using the Texturizing Pomade and Medium-Hold Styling Gel, where texture and definition give you endless versatility and a high-gloss finish.