Aquage Hair

CBD Texturizing Pomade


Aquage CBD Texturizing Pomade provides a medium-hold that enhances texture, definition, and control. This natural hair care product infuses hair with the benefits of CBD oil to prevent dry scalp while stimulating new hair growth and strengthening your strands.


  • Adds texture and tousles hair for an organic finish
  • Sculpts and directs hair into the desired shape
  • Tames flyaways and smooths strands for added detail
  • Exceptional for men's grooming
  • May be used on wet or dry hair
  • Contains 98% pure CBD oil
  • Infuses your hair with keratin proteins and our proprietary blend of ethically sourced sea botanicals


  • Thoroughly emulsify a pearl-sized amount of product on hands and fingers
  • For dry hair, run through hair to create a finished style
  • For wet hair, spread evenly and allow hair to dry naturally or tousle with fingers and blow dryer

    Currently unable to ship to the following states:
    Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

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